Common Door Hinge Problems

Is your door sagging? Or maybe you’ve observed that the door is creating marks or indents in your carpet which was by no means there formerly? If you’re encountering any of those issues, the chances are you’ll need a new hinge. Repairing a door hinge can appear demanding in the event you don’t have any encounter with this particular type of job, however it does not have to become. Right here is really a step-by-step guide to repairing it.

Evaluate the harm

The very first stage to repairing your door hinge would be to figure out the extent from the harm and choose whether it’s a case of fixing the present hinge or changing it totally.


When the harm is small, it might merely be considered a case of tightening the hinge having a screwdriver. The screws may become free more than time and trigger the door to sag. When the screw doesn’t tighten, a special program of motion might be suitable. Make investments inside a lengthy screw which will penetrate further in to the door frame and consequently it’ll maintain the door in position much better.


In case your attempts to repair the hinge happen to be unsuccessful, changing the door hinge is usually the following stage. In the event you have not changed a door hinge, these tips will help you need to do so at pace. The very first stage would be to eliminate the damaged hinge. Make certain you permit the remainder from the door and take away just the hinge. Prior to you change the hinge, make certain the door is within the right location. Make use of a bit of wood as being a wedge to make sure the door stays within the needed place. Whilst within this place, verify to create certain that there’s an equivalent hole in the leading and also the base from the door. Mark the place from the new hinge around the wall prior to you eliminate the damaged one. As soon as the previous door hinge continues to be eliminated, verify to make sure the wood beneath is in great situation. Connect the brand new hinge utilizing a screwdriver and align the door towards the frame.

Check the brand new door hinge

As soon as you’ve effectively set up the brand new door hinge, it’s time to check it out. Eliminate the wood wedge from beneath the door frame and open up and shut the door multiple occasions. When the door opens and closes with no problem, your job is total.

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